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Nintendo Investor Relations – Corporate Management Policy Briefing / Nine Months Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ending March 2020

Publication Date: February 2, 2020

Subject(s): Hardware variations, Nintendo’s IP use, differences among types of media

Format: Investor Q & A

People: Unnamed investors, Nintendo executives including Shigeru Miyamoto


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Japanese Archive Link:

Summary: Their software development has always been focused on ways to play. New technologies came around when developers were getting bored of doing the same thing. The size of the game market has unlimited potential due to smart devices.

There is less talk about competition between Nintendo and other game companies. Only Nintendo can use Mario best, but there is a limit to how many people will play a Mario game. Nintendo’s characters were created with the idea of being interactive, so they have been working closely with Universal Parks & Resorts. Mobile games have dramatically increased the number of people who interact with their characters.

Originally he wasn’t in favor of video content. Virtual Console titles can be leveraged 30 years after their original release, just as video content can be. He didn’t set out to make a Mario movie so much as he wanted to make more video content.



Publication Date: Unknown (translated March 4, 2020)

Subject(s): Person of Cultural Merit award, making games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Super Nintendo World, Pokémon Go

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Unknown Famitsu interviewer, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Links:

Translator: BlackKite for Japanese Nintendo

Notes: There are also less comprehensive translations and reports on this interview here, here, and here that I have referred to for clarity.

Summary: He’s sorry he had to accept the Person of Cultural Merit award personally, since games are made by many people. He’s been working with many of the same people for 40 years ago, and many others around the world.

He had his friends give Game & Watches to various publications in the hope that they would review it. They were excited when a computer magazine started to cover video games.

It feels unbearable to give games away for free.

They don’t just make sequels, they use new technology.

He noticed parents would become worried when their children played video games, but relieved when they watched Disney movies, which made him want to make games for the living room.

During the Wii era he said that mothers had accepted gaming and that it was time to do something for grandparents, but gaming truly became ubiquitous with smartphones. People with a smartphone don’t have to be convinced to buy a gaming console.

There are people who like playing Mario games and starting over when they get a game over, others just want to be able to move on. It’s difficult to appeal to both groups. If they make something really fun and unique it should sell for years.

Making a game is like throwing a dart with your own style and having it land where you want without worrying about the science behind it.

He fixated on the controls for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, just like many of the games he works on. He mostly left the team to their work.

He checks on development of games with Mario in them to make sure he is handled appropriately. He was heavily involved in this aspect of Super Mario Run and Super Nintendo World. Mario doesn’t kill people, but may step on bugs. There were concerns with Super Smash Bros., they make some sound effects cuter.

When he joined Nintendo they were remaking a Disney board game that he owned as a child, he had never realized it was made by Nintendo.

His team working on the Switch tried to make sure it didn’t look weird.

Satoru Iwata wanted bring back the idea of playing a game however you wanted, since it had waned around the GameCube era.

He thought a single hardware architecture would be more accepted for the Switch.

Many competitors did not care about the long loading times of disc-based media. Customers felt safe with the Wii.

They wanted Super Mario Run players to feel safe about the monetization.

To be Nintendo-like is to be concerned with the consumer rather than market trends.

There’s a lot of demand in America for figurines but he’d rather people buy two games first, he feels they shouldn’t do too much licensing.

It would have been a problem if people could have uploaded a video of an entire game back in the ROM era. Sharing videos now may pique someone’s interest. He would want to watch walkthrough videos of games he didn’t make.

He and his family have been playing Pokémon Go and they asked him to catch a Heracross when he went to Orlando.

Nintendo wants to be more in touch with elementary schoolchildren, especially since games take 3 to 5 years to make.

He’s been giving Universal guidelines on using Mario IP for Super Nintendo World. They had decide that the structures would be made in Orlando and manufactured in Hollywood, but Universal said they should start in Japan since the Tokyo Olympics were coming up.

Nintendo used to think it could make a movie with the same amount of staff and materials as a game, but he thought it would be rude to directors. He was also afraid of Mario being used in ways he didn’t like. He opened to the idea after seeing older games being played on the Virtual Console and realized the similarities between the two mediums.

When Nintendo started their relationship with Universal he was told that Chris Meledandri wanted to talk to him. Chris Meledandri brought up topics that he had talked about before in interviews and said that they think and do things in the same way.

When Chris Meledandri talked about something he had failed at, he felt he could trust him. He won’t say what that failure was.

It’s more important to make something you find interesting than something that will sell.

They’ve never gone out of their way to make something that would sell globally.

Nintendo wants to cooperate with more companies so more people are exposed to Nintendo.

He has been doing carpentry work on his house and rearranging things.

He can guess how tall a seat is by looking at it.

His wife has been playing Pokémon Go, learning the mechanics, even though she rarely plays games.

He’d rather people focus on his games than on him. He’s still having fun.


The Guardian – Super Mario at 35: Mario’s makers on Nintendo’s most enduring mascot

Publication Date: September 14, 2020

Subject(s): Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary, Super Mario 64

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Kenta Motokura, Takashi Tezuka and Yoshiaki Koizumi, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Notes: This article doesn’t explicitly say that it was an interview and there’s just a few quotes from each person included without the questions that prompted them.

Summary: Mario games are about improving and trying different things. Reacting to player experimentation is the heart of interactivity.

He makes sure the assets are understandable without any explanation. Pipes fit the mechanic of enemies at the bottom reappearing at the top, and he saw pipes on his way to work.

They knew the Nintendo 64’s 3D capabilities would be limited, but it was more limited than they anticipated so they had to give up on simultaneous 2 player with Luigi in Super Mario 64.


The Washington Post – Mario makers reflect on 35 years and the evolution of gaming’s most iconic jump

Publication Date: September 14, 2020

Subject(s): 4 panel manga, working with younger developers

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Gene Park, Takashi Tezuka, Yoshiaki Koizumi, Kenta Motokura, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Notes: This interview was conducted over e-mail.

Summary: The 4 panel layout of manga gives you beginning, development, twist, and conclusion. He uses this as a foundation when making games.

They use the number three for various items and mechanics.

Talking with the younger staff about his experience can’t compare to working with them. They have a lot of talent.


CNN Business – The surprising reason Nintendo made Super Mario a plumber 35 years ago 

Publication Date: September 14, 2020

Subject(s): Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary, Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Shannon Liao, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Summary: In designing Mario he wanted to make a distinctive looking character within the limitations of the technology of the time. He wanted Mario to be someone who could live near you, not a superhero.

If Mario was 35 years old he’d encourage him to stay true to himself, to work out, and to keep his mustache groomed.


Nintendo Investor Relations – Corporate Management Policy Briefing for Fiscal Year Ending March 2021

Publication Date: September 17, 2020

Subject(s): Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary, balance of fun and technology

Format: Investor Q & A

People: Unnamed investors, Nintendo executives including Shigeru Miyamoto


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Japanese Archive Link:

Summary: Unlike most series, players feel like each Mario game is distinct from the others. He resolved that Mario would grow with technology. New developers bring fresh ideas.

Innovative ideas can create new entertainment with old technology. He put a lot of thought into keeping games easy to control and accessible. Part of the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System was due to how it worked as soon as you turned it on. Batteries lasted for a long time in Game Boys because of their monochrome screen.


Nintendo of America – Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020

Publication Date: December 18, 2020

Subject(s): Super Nintendo World

Format: Promotional video (subtitled)

People: Shigeru Miyamoto


Notes: Mr. Miyamoto walks around and gives a tour of Super Nintendo World.

Summary: He’s at Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World, where you can experience the Mushroom Kingdom. There were a lot of ideas, but they went with a straightforward warp pipe for the entrance. It takes you to the lobby of Peach’s Castle, which plays the castle music from Super Mario 64.

Mount Beanpole is in the middle. Yoshi and Goomba Towers move like in the games.  With a Power-Up Band you can find secrets or participate in activities. You can get a coin from ? Blocks. The Power-Up Bands are like amiibo and you can use them at home. If you get three keys you can battle Bowser Jr. 1-Up Factory sells exclusive merchandise, like TOKOTOKO Mario.

Walking while eating popcorn may seem ill-mannered, but you can get it in Caramel Peach or Mushroom flavor. Kinopio’s Café serves the Mario Burger and Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl.

Super Nintendo World will open February 4th, 2021. They plan to open Super Nintendo Worlds in Hollywood, California; Orlando, Florida; and Singapore. With Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge they wanted to make a ride unlike anything seen before.


The New Yorker – Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Create a Kinder World

Publication Date: December 20, 2020

Subject(s): Nintendo headquarters, being a boss, violence in games, being kind, games that deal with sadness

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Simon Parkin, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Summary: He doesn’t buy many gifts and finds it hard to receive them.

Nintendo headquarters are simple and clean. Some have said the reception area is like a hospital waiting room. Designers switch desks depending on what game they are working on, so there aren’t a lot of personal items on them. Their cafeteria is well lit and has good food.

He thinks about games all weekend, so he’s excited for work on Monday. People don’t always like it when sends e-mails on the weekend.

The quality of something depends on whether it’s still sought after decades later. He admires how Disney has created long-lasting symbols. People who grew up with Nintendo are showing their children.

His kids never really cared about his job. Once in a while a friend would be a fan.

It’s important that parents play the video games their children are playing, and understand that they can’t quit until reaching a save point. He’s never had to restrict his kid’s play time. In his house the game hardware belonged to him, so his children had to borrow them from him. The played Sega games, too, like Space Harrier and Out Run, which inspired him to try harder.

When something captures our interest we become captivated. He tries to make games that don’t waste the player’s time by eliminating cliché scenes and reducing loading times. The process of trial and error builds interactive worlds in our minds, and that’s the true canvas, not the screen.

He realized that even if you make something fun it won’t sell unless it gets attention. Magazines wouldn’t write about video games early on. It was nice when video game magazines came around.

There has to be a mixture of real and not when making a game, so that it feels familiar yet different. You try to conjure sensations you’ve had.

He wishes people were more kind to each other. Sometimes young people sit in the train seats reserved for the elderly and disabled when the train is fairly empty. A person who needed the seat might not want to ask them to move.

It’s fun to hit a target with a ball, but he resists focusing on that kind of fun in a game. It’s not ideal that everyone makes shooters just because they sell. He is resistant to the idea of killing all the monsters, they have motives too.

The people who work for him would probably say he is picky. Some feel they don’t get enough praise.

It’s important to talk about games not just as products, but as dreams or visions. He’s good at describing what a game can be while also being concerned with the details. People can see him as negative when he’s working on the details and positive when he’s talking about the vision.

His role is in being a supporter as much as it is being a creative leader. He’s careful to meet the suggestions he gets on their own terms. He focuses on everyone making new experiences.

Complex emotions are difficult in video games, movies are more suited to them. Their games provide a warm feeling.

The younger people at Nintendo are now able to create harmony between hardware and software. He wants to pursue his interests, but he’s an amateur at designing theme parks. The rides are interactive, so he can use his expertise.

They are nearing a point where they can ensure Nintendo’s spirit is passed down. He wants to keep finding new experiences, that’s what has always excited him about the medium.




Nintendo of America – Nintendo Direct – 9.23.2021

Publication Date: September 23, 2021

Subject(s): The Super Mario Bros. Movie (28:24)

Format: Promotional video (dubbed)

People: Yoshiaki Koizumi, Shigeru Miyamoto


Summary: It has been announced that he has been working with Illumination and Chris Meledandri on The Super Mario Bros. Movie. It will release December 21, 2022 in North America.

He wanted to reveal the voice actors for the English version. Chris Pratt is Mario, who talks a lot. Anya Taylor-Joy will play Princess Peach, he can’t wait to see a spirited Peach. Timid little brother Luigi will be played by Charlie Day. Jack Black will play Bowser. He expects a monster performance. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key will play Toad. Donkey Kong will appear and be played by Seth Rogen. Charles Martinet, who has played many characters over the years, including Mario, has surprise cameos.

He has been enjoying a creative process different from making games.


Nintendo Investor Relations – Corporate Management Policy Briefing/ Six Months Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ending March 2022

Publication Date: November 5, 2021

Subject(s): Nintendo IP, semiconductor shortages, visual content

Format: Investor Q & A

People: Unnamed investors, Nintendo executives including Shigeru Miyamoto


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Japanese Link:

Japanese Archive Link:

Summary: They started talking about giving access to IP to more people over 5 years ago. They had to carefully consider whether to go into mobile games. Nintendo cannot reach many people through video game systems. Mobile games build affection for their IPs.

Hardware supply shortages are not effecting software development.

He hopes that the Super Mario Bros. Movie will continue to bring smiles to consumers. He wants to use other IP in visual media. After Super Mario Galaxy they wanted to make a more accessible Mario game and made New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and eventually Super Mario Run. They want to make games that have new features but are still accessible.


Nintendo on Twitter

Publication Date: December 28, 2021

Subject(s): Video Game General Election

Format: Social media post

People: Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Japanese Link:

Japanese Archive Link:

Translator: Cheesemeister3k

Notes: TV Asahi polled over 50,000 people about the best games of all time. The top 100 can be seen here. This is the only time I am aware of Mr. Miyamoto using Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account to say something, though he would later use Nintendo of America’s.

Summary: Seeing the results of the Video Game General Election was an opportunity to think back on nearly 40 years of game development. He will keep making games with new experiences.




Nintendo of America on Twitter

Publication Date: April 25, 2022

Subject(s): The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Format: Social media post

People: Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Notes: Although Mr. Miyamoto has appeared in a few promotional videos on Twitter, this is the only time Mr. Miyamoto has used Nintendo of America’s Twitter account to send a tweet. He most likely had the help of a translator.

Summary: The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be delayed to April 7, 2023 in North America and April 28, 2023 in Japan.


Nintendo of America – Nintendo Direct 9.13.2022

Publication Date: September 22, 2022

Subject(s): Pikmin Bloom, Pikmin 4 (27:07)

Format: Promotional video (dubbed)

People: Shigeru Miyamoto


Summary: The Super Mario Bros. Movie will release next Spring. Super Nintendo World will open in Hollywood, California.

It’s been 20 years since the original Pikmin was released. Pikmin Bloom was launched last year. It uses your location and you can plant flowers. You can see where you’ve walked, send Pikmin to collect items, and feed them nectar. You can use the AR function to take pictures of Pikmin. Pikmin are all around you.

[A trailer for Pikmin 4 plays.]

Pikmin 4 will come in 2023, and you can play from the Pikmin’s perspective. He made a new T-shirt. The Switch makes controlling the Pikmin easier so you can focus on strategy.


Nintendo of America – The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct 

Publication Date: October 6, 2022

Subject(s): The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Format: Promotional video (dubbed)

People: Chris Meledandri, Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Shigeru Miyamoto


Summary: Today they will debut the first trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. It’s been almost 40 years since the release of Mario Bros. They’ve been working with Chris Meledandri for a long time.

[Chris Meledandri speaks about the movie.]

He is going to introduce two of the stars, who both love Nintendo games.

[Chris Pratt and Jack Black talk about the movie.]

Thanks for waiting.

[The trailer plays, followed by Chris Meledandri.]

What will happen during Mario’s adventure? Production is going well, they are working on the finishing touches. You’ll spot all sorts of things if you look closely. All ages can enjoy the movie.


Nintendo of America – The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct – 11.29.2022 (Second Trailer)

Publication Date: November 29, 2022

Subject(s): The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Format: Promotional video (dubbed)

People: Chris Meledandri, Anna Taylor-Joy, Seth Rogen, Shigeru Miyamoto


Summary: Lots of people saw the first trailer. He’s not supposed to say anything else.

[Chris Meledandri and Anna Taylor-Joy speak about the movie.]

He thought she was perfect for Princess Peach. He’s also looking forward to Seth Rogen’s performance.

[Seth Rogen talks about the movie.]

There is a cat named Mario and a dog named Koopa in his neighborhood.

[The trailer plays.]

We’ll see a new side of Princess Peach. Donkey Kong was there and it’s been over 40 years since the original game, his debut. This is the first redesign of Donkey Kong since he became 3D. He has a comical personality and a design like the original character.




Universal Studios Hollywood – LIVE STREAM: SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ Press Event 

Publication Date: February 15, 2023

Subject(s): Super Nintendo World

Format: Presentation (live translator)

People: Mark Woodbury, Raymond Ellis (translator), Shigeru Miyamoto


Notes: This was a special event to commemorate the official public opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Summary: He’s excited to be here tonight.

This is a momentous occasion for Nintendo and Universal.

Their goal has been to create the Mushroom Kingdom for everyone around the world. With the opening of this location in Hollywood more will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Mario. There’s lots of secrets and surprises to find. With the Power-Up Band you can take on more challenges and go for the high score.


GameSpot – What Super Nintendo World Is Like–And How Miyamoto Helped Build It

Publication Date: February 17, 2023

Subject(s): Super Nintendo World

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Tamoor Hussain, Shinya Takahashi, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Notes: This polygon article uses the exact same quotes from Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Takahashi, this may have been from a Q & A event.

Summary: He’s had a lot of fun working on Super Nintendo World. He wasn’t sure how convincing it would end up being, but he’s happy and excited after seeing the finished product.

When you enter a dungeon in Mario there’s a scene switch, in reality you have to go through a transition phase.

There was talk about including other IP, like Splatoon, but they wanted stay focused. There is some other IP scattered about, though.

At Nintendo games are something that brings the family together, and a theme park can do that too. He hopes it brings people together and expands the idea of video games.

When he imagines a park in the neighborhood he imagines walking in a fountain barefoot or rolling down a hill. He’d like to include things like that in Super Nintendo World, but there’s safety concerns. You can interact with the park by hitting question blocks. You may not see parents resting while their kids play and have fun.

Universal values the intentions of the original creators, while Nintendo has insight into interactive experiences. That’s a unique kind of collaboration.

He doesn’t like being called the Spielberg of gaming, but he’s honored to be compared to Disney, which represents reassurance to families.

Nintendo looks for new ways to use technology. Mario evolves with every new piece of technology.


IGN – Interview: Shigeru Miyamoto Opens Up About Super Nintendo World and Nintendo’s Future

Publication Date: February 20, 2023

Subject(s): Super Nintendo World

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Kat Bailey, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Summary: They’ve been discussing a Nintendo theme park for more than 10 years. Nintendo’s biggest strength is its characters. They are trying to leverage their characters in more things than games.

He thought Nintendo wouldn’t be able to run a theme park. During a conversation with Universal the idea for one came up.

It’s important for players to quickly understand how to play a game. There’s a creative aspect in designing a game that can be played for months. He had a lot of fun making a new experience with Universal.

Story is one aspect of what can make a game fun, gameplay is another. He starts with the gameplay when designing a game, but others start with the story. Super Nintendo World is an experience that doesn’t need a story.

They are always working on a Mario game.

There are still the Orlando and Singapore parks, as well as The Super Mario Bros. Movie left for him to work on. Maybe they’ll send Mario to Jupiter.


The Verge – Shigeru Miyamoto is working with his hands again

Publication Date: February 20, 2023

Subject(s): Super Nintendo World

Format: Transcribed interview

People: Andrew Webster, Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Summary: He likes the idea of using his hands to create something.

When visiting Florida to oversee the development of Super Nintendo World the aroma of the nearby factories was comforting.

Nintendo had a lot of meetings with Universal about making an interactive park. He was worried it wouldn’t end up feeling like the Mushroom Kingdom, that’s something you can’t tell until the work is done.

They wanted to maximize the joy people felt, whether they were using the attractions or watching others.

He wishes visitors had been able to get closer to Mount Beanpole, but there were safety concerns.

He enjoyed watching people’s first reactions as they entered the version of Super Nintendo World in Japan, it was a new experience.


Morning edition – Nintendo’s Miyamoto says inspiration comes from his childhood experiences in nature

Publication Date: February 27, 2023

Subject(s): Mario, making games, life experiences, Nintendo without him

Format: Transcribed interview/interview

People: A Martínez, Raymond Elliget (translator), Shigeru Miyamoto


Archive Link:

Notes: This was a radio interview, you can listen to the whole thing or read the transcript on the linked page.

Summary: He feels like Mario is in so many people’s hearts because he is a sort of player avatar. Mario likely wouldn’t have had as much staying power as a comic book character. As Mickey Mouse grew up alongside animation so to has Mario grown in the digital medium.

Creators have an image of what they want to make, but he tries to put himself into the shoes of the player and ask what they’d feel and want to do. Being understood helps in letting the player’s imagination take over.

It’s important to make a game that is easy to start while providing depth for those who want it.

Only playing video games is a bad idea. He tells game designers that they should enjoy nice days. Linking your experiences with virtual entertainment makes the joy explode exponentially. It’s important for both game players and game developers to have a lot of life experiences in order to fully enjoy games.

Nintendo will probably not change without him. Everyone there has a shared understanding of what Nintendo is. They have a shared vision.

If he could choose a world to live in for eternity after he died he’d like to be able to change his work all the time. Maybe his desk or bathtub.


Nintendo of America – The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct – 3.9.2023 (Final Trailer)

Publication Date: March 9, 2023

Subject(s): The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Format: Promotional video (dubbed)

People: Chris Meledandri, Seth Rogen, Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Chris Pratt, Aaron Hovath, Michael Jelenic, Shigeru Miyamoto


Notes: You can see Mario’s shoes here.

Summary: The date today can be read as “Mario” when written in English, that’s why it’s the perfect day to release the third and final trailer.

[Chris Meledandri speaks.]

[Seth Rogen, Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key, and Chris Pratt speak.]

[Anya Taylor-Joy and Jack Black speak.]

Mario Day is for everyone. Let’s watch the final trailer.

[Trailer plays.]

We’ll also hear from Aaron and Michael.

[Aaron Hovath and Michael Jelenic speak.]

The movie is complete and releases next month. He hopes you’ll see it with your family and friends.

They’ve recreated Mario’s shoes and they’ll be displayed at Nintendo New York.


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