While this was originally posted on reddit, it was quickly removed by automoderator. I messaged the mods about it and they restored it, but the post was almost a full day old by then so it was buried and almost no one saw it. Months of work went almost unseen. I taught myself how to make python create images by placing text and smaller images in nice rows and columns, which I found to be a horrible experience that was made more difficult than it needed to be in many ways. This data is now old news, and I don’t know if the second part of the project I had planned would be relevant anymore. This post has been edited a bit.

The following charts (on the bottom of the page) are a graphical guide to which pokemon can use moves of at least power 60 of which type, only taking into account moves they can learn in gen 7. These can be interesting to just see at a glance what move pools are like, or useful to find a pokemon with a combination you need. There are many asterisks to this data, explained below, but first the links:

Anything less than 60 power I considered to just be “flavor”, or a move to use while leveling up, not a move to be used in any kind of end game. No one is going to choose Peck as one of their 4 moves, even if it’s their only flying type move available because it just doesn’t do enough damage. It is ultimately an arbitrary line I had draw somewhere, but there are a few reasons.

I don’t believe the elite 4 or the champion ever use moves below 60 power, although I didn’t exhaustively check this. Smogon and other build sites rarely if ever recommend such moves. Hidden Power has 60 power and is considered useable. Also note that I include STAB bonuses in a move’s power. Some abilities are taken into account and assumed, such as Sheer Force and Technician.

I’ve only included moves available in gen 7 for a few reasons. If I were to include every move ever learnable by every pokemon, the earlier pokemon would have a lot more available than the newer ones. By only using gen 7 moves I have the most “up to date” version of what Game Freak considers each pokemon’s move pool, that don’t include “legacy” moves and special giveaway moves that are no longer available. I don’t have to research every move to see if it was only available to 1000 Japanese schoolchildren who participated in a tournament in 2001. If you’re playing through Sun/Moon (generally) or participating in (at least some?) official tournaments, you’re using pokemon from gen 7, so these are the moves available to you. There’s also the hard break between gen 2 and 3, and none of these move lists do it by generation in an easy way to view all at once.

Moves were not counted if they did not use “power”, so no Night Shade or Counter. Multi-hit moves assumed their average damage. Moves with difficult to achieve requirements or very limited uses (Trump Card, Belch) were not included. Moves that depend on speed or weight differences were included if you have a reasonable ability to use the move with at least 60 power against at least half of fully evolved pokemon. Moves that take two turns were averaged to how much damage they do each turn, which led me to include Fury Cutter since using it twice averages to 60 power. I know such moves will rarely be used against other players, but they are fine against the AI.

I did not include special pokemon that don’t have any moves that deal damage based on power (Wobbuffet), pokemon that can be any type (Silvally), or pokemon that are very gimmicky (Ditto, Smeargle). I did include mega evolutions, Alolan forms, and some forms if they changed enough about the pokemon.

Yes, some the attack stats overlap with the type boxes.

I originally set out to do something different with this data, I’ll be posting that in a few weeks perhaps. [Note from the present: I may do the thing I was planning in the future.]

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